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Oct 19, 2011 2:30pm PDT
to the citizens who elected us that it is necessary to pass through this difficult phase. this is the only way to avoid an even worse fate. >> greeks what none of it. they are facing job losses for 30,000 public sector workers as well as new taxes. that is why they send a message the only way they can. the package of cuts are a precondition for greece getting their hands on the last amount of bail of funds they need. >> major unions promise even bigger protests for tomorrow. for more, we spoke to our correspondent in athens and asked what we can expect. >> well, there is a call by the communist union to actually surround parliament in order to keep mp's from being able to make their way there and cast a vote on a very controversial new round of austerity that the government is desperate to vote through parliament tomorrow. the unions have vowed that they will try to circle parliament to prevent the mps from voting this. rallies are expected at the capital throughout the capital. there is anger on the streets of athens. >> is there a fear that worst violence might erupt after the clashes that w
Oct 5, 2011 6:00pm PDT
correspondent is in brussels and has been following today's talks. he told us more about her stance. >> she said that she had talks with the rest of the commission over lunch. they were pressing upon angela merkel that her backing was required because of her status as the leader of the wealthiest countries in the european union. she seems to have come on board. a week ago in berlin, she was saying that there must be changed. she said today, we will see later about that. it might be necessary. she is changing her 10 slightly on bad. she is falling in behind the commission, demanding strong support from all around the state. >> it was a day of waiting and frustration for anyone wanting to travel in and out of greece today. >> a general strike force the cancellation of all flights in the country. >> of thousands of workers took to the streets of athens to protest millions of jobs cuts. >> and job cuts and wage reductions are elements of the savings greece needs to make in order to qualify for more bailout to help. >> the chance is never -- the chant is "never." a stable never accept the government
Oct 25, 2011 8:00pm EDT
, the u.s. chamber of commerce, and the brookings institution discussed the role of the u.s. government and the imf, and the implications for the u.s. economy. this is two hours. >> hearing today is on the year zone debt crisis and implications to the united states. ask unanimous consent mr. lynn of massachusetts and mr. greene from texas both members of the financial services committee can silt in with the must members of the subcommittee today for purposes of delivering a testimony and asking the witnesses questions today. we limit time to 10 minute, and i recognize myself for as much time as i might consume. today we're focused on the eurozone debt crisis and impact on the u.s. economy. despite the systems, the e.u., international monetary fund, imf, greece, portugal, and italy plunged into the deep this year. the economies show sign of strain. in the past year, there's a series of credit rating downgrades for many e.u. members following the grounds of stress tests on important european banks. these rating agencies warned about the risks associated with the global connectedness of ba
Oct 26, 2011 1:00am EDT
of things they can use to be basically. >> did you want to comment? >> i think i agree with you that i believe we should look at it. we have a different color coming in every year. how do we know what the future will look like? what people are looking for in their retirement system. it may make the military more enticing to come and if an individual thinks they may have something they can take with them. also, even though you have a gi bill, i think that is an outstanding benefits. whistle have an individual who will be separated possibly during drawdown with 12 years of service. i think we need to look at that. that is what we will do. >> to read very much. we will proceed to mr. kaufman of colorado. >> i guess my first question is, some of the testimony reference to that it is a relatively low percentage of payroll that supports the retirement system but nobody has said what that is. i wonder if somebody can give me a percentage number. >> at this point we have some of the numbers i would like to take a for the record, please. >> very well. i just think -- first of all, i agree with
Oct 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
advisor to the great lakes region that has been suggested -- you use the word special envoy -- but is this in the making? what is the prospect of that? >> be of taken it under indictment very seriously. -- we have taken it under advisement very seriously based on the recommendation of your committee. >> the fact that we know that there is an expense of mobile phones and fm radio, will you be using that technology to try to get word out to ask for defection from the lra fighters? >> that is correct, sir. there are cell towers and the use of cellphones and right now they are using other radio waves. many communities are calling in on a regular basis to say where the lra is. so we need better coordination. >> thank you. >> mr. duncan of south carolina is recognized. >> thank you madam chairman. back in the spring of march or april, the deputy assistant security advisor was talking about a libyan involvement. he said this. "we are enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals which is protecting the libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-f
Oct 25, 2011 9:00am EDT
between most u.s. states that show a large expansion of mortgage credit than those that secretly had large mortgage delinquencies, a link between housing booms and bustss in the u.s. that coincided with financial leverage. they also had the highest leverage meaning the households herbart average ratios. how to think about preventing real-estate booms, via idea that we would like to prevent those and the policy areas that we think about monetary policy with the u. s presentation and argued the underlying conference and government policies. fixing monetary policies to deal with an isolated boom may be too costly because there are some things that hit the entire economy rather events specific sectors. something to keep in mind before using it. and something that was emphasized especially in the latin american crisis but the best size is to think of real space. many countries including the u.s. are favorites of equity with policies in place with mortgage and the number of countries with policies in place, something to think about or how to do with these measures. at the same time, that was one
Oct 20, 2011 4:00pm EDT
to the libyan capital right now where dan rivers is in tripoli for us. dan, we're about to show our viewers of video of a bloody moammar gadhafi after the capture while he's still alive. what do you know about gadhafi's final moments? >> reporter: well, this video does shed some light on it. it's tough to watch. but i think it's important to have a look at this. you can clearly see that gadhafi is alive when you look at this footage. he is being led away. he looks like he's got a lot of blood on his face. but he is clearly alive. at this point. it seems then that at some point between this video being taken and a subsequent video being taken that he clearly died. now, whether he died of his injuries he sustained when shot, some sources have us believe or whether he was literally beaten to death by this mob of ntc troops sort of pistol whipped to death, we don't know. but clearly here, he seems alive. you get a real visceral sense from this footage of just how roughly he was handled here. naturally perhaps one can imagine that the passion is running so high, but also, i have to stop for that
FOX News
Oct 20, 2011 12:00pm PDT
. officials say the dictator died after two months on the run at the hands of revolution fighters but u.s. officials have not confirmed that but these are believed images showing muammar qaddafi bloody and struggling up against the front of a truck. it is not exact clear how he died but u.s. officials say a fresh fighter jet and an american predator drone fired on his convoy before fighters on the ground reportedly pulled muammar qaddafi from one of the cars. >> somebody shot him. by gun. >> he is definite. it is muammar qaddafi. he saw muammar qaddafi? >> yes. you hit muammar qaddafi with your shoe? >> yes! >> this man hit muammar qaddafi with his shoes! >> this amateur video suggests it was a brutal death for the man who ruled libya for 42 years. president obama calls this is momentous day for libya. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >>trace: president obama dubbed him the mad dog of the middle east and was linked to several terror plots including the 1988
Oct 13, 2011 4:00pm PDT
auspices bbc world news america. billionaire behind bars. the u.s. -- what this sentence for insider trading. workers snatched from the largest refugee camp. and the chilean miners celebrate one year after their rescue. their fate has not always been so mary. -- so merry. welcome to our viewers on pbs and around the globe. today raj rajaratnam was sentenced for his role in one of the biggest insider-trading cases in history. they had pushed for 25 years. the judge issued a warning to anyone tempted to follow the same path. we were in the courtroom and sent this report. >> it is hard to believe that raj rajaratnam was once little- known outside the world of wall street hedge funds before he came a poster boy for crimes that judge described as a virus in our business culture that needs to be eradicated. the drama played out inside this manhattan courthouse in room 17 b. he has only a few weeks before he must report to prison on november 28. down the road on wall street, they have been watching closely. raj rajaratnam was accused of making $50 million running an insider-trad
Oct 21, 2011 10:00pm EDT
what it means to be a citizen of the world and understand how the rest of the world affects us here in places like indiana. i would argue, yes, it can happen again. he is a game changer. count on it. he is not the left will keep. >> the author of "the forgotten man." james madison, prof. of history at indiana university. david willkie, the grandson of, wendell willkie. we thank the russellville historical society for letting us conduct this program here. as we look typical life and career of wendell willkie, a passed away in the fall of 1944. >> window welty, republican candidate for the presidency of the united states in 1940, taken suddenly at age 52. dominated by popular acclaim, wendell willkie won the admiration of all his countrymen for his energy, policy, and forthright courage. he spent the last years of his vigorous life in an effort to promote mutual understanding and good will among all nations. they talk with churchill in london and shared experiences with britain's average pokes. -- folks. he visited and talk with the people of russia, of the middle east, and of china,
Oct 10, 2011 1:00pm PDT
of fame here on cnn, thanks to us. that's your political pop here on monday. >>> thanks for watching. i'm brooke baldwin here in atlanta. live in "the situation room," the man who used to work out with president obama, jon huntsman now want his woman. t"the situation room" now starting with wolf blitzer. >> a program raising new concerns about cyber attacks, experts are washing, this virus may be just the beginning. >>> also, another troubled government investment comes to light. details of what happened to another green company after it received millions of dollars. >>> i'll talk about that an much more with the other mormon candidate, jon huntsman. he joins us live this hour. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >>> it's one of the u.s. military's most important weapons systems playing a critical role in the fight against terror. and now there's new growing concern over the computers that concern drone aircraft. they're infected with a persistent virus but it is only part after much, much bigger threat. our correspondent chris lawrence is investigating all o
Oct 7, 2011 7:00pm PDT
predicted. the u.s. labor department says 103,000 jobs were added in the nonfarm sector. the sector is considered particularly sensitive to economic trends. the market predicted the u.s. economy would only add 60,000 jobs. by sector, construction added 26,000 jobs in september, while telecommunication services saw 30,000 more jobs. mainly becse of a strike at a major communication firm. by contrast, 13,000 manufacturing jobs and 34,000 government jobs were lost. meanwhile, the jobless rate may remain at 9.1% for the third straight month. president barack obama announced a major jobs bill in early september. however, a delay in congressional action is hampering fully-fledged improvement in the jobs market. >>> the u.s. and it's allies invaded afghanistan ten years ago, a month after 9/11. the goal was to go after al qaeda and take down the taliban regime, but the taliban is still a force in afghanistan and its power seems to be growing. nhk world's hideki yui visited the eastern part of the country to find out why. >> reporter: this is the main road leading to the eastern region from
Oct 24, 2011 6:00am PDT
and are used as external storage devices. >> translator: since supplies are running out, a lot of companies are eager to secure their stock. i'm concerned supply may fall short of demand ahead of the year-end sales season. >>> a full day has passed since a powerful earthquake shook turkey. hundreds of emergency workers are searching for signs of life in the rubble. they fear many people could be trapped in broken-down buildings. so far, this quake has killed more than 230 people. >> the tremor measures 7.2 in magnitude. it hit eastern turkey close to the border with iran. interior minister idris naim sahin says along with the dead, more than 1,000 people are hurt. prime minister recep tayyip erdogan visited the disaster area soon after the quake. he said countless people could be trapped in collapsed buildings. he promised swift rescue efforts. >> translator: we want to get people out alive. rescue efforts are going on throughout the night. >> soldiers and more than 1,200 emergency personnel are working together. they're dealing with constant aftershocks. survivors spent the night in tents.
Oct 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
of japan will intervene in the currency market. speculation that the u.s. federal reserve may take additional measures to ease monetary policy is spurring moves to buy the dollar and yen. now that it is changing hands between 75.95-99. >>> u.s. stock prices surged after eu leaders agreed on comprehensive measures to deal with the debt crisis in europe. >>> another supporting factor was data on the u.s. economy released thursday. gross domestic product from july to september was up 2.5% from the previous quarter. >>> let's check on the european stocks. you can see the three indices ended in the positive. in london, up 2.89%. germany up 5.35%, and in france, up 6.28%. >>> "newsline" is the place to turn to for the latest on japan, post march 11th. we have two segments offering two unique perspectives on the fallout from the earthquake and tsunami. "nuclear watch" brings information on the impact of the crisis and "the road ahead" examines efforts to recover and rebuild. don't miss "nuclear watch" and "the road ahead" on "newsline." >>> tokyo electric power company is set to request p
Oct 5, 2011 1:00am PDT
that's all for us tonight. >>> i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. here are the headlines this hour. russia and china vetoed a u.n. security council measure on syria on tuesday. the draft resolution would have called for a halt to syria's crack down on descent. they said it would have blindly pressured syria. u.s. ambassador susan rice says the countries that have blocked the resolution wanted to sell arms to the syrian regime. >>> amanda knox is back in the u.s. she flew home a day after an italian jury overturned her murder conviction in the 2007 killing of her roommate, meredith kercher. she appeared at a news conference at seattle's airport, choked with emotion, she thanked her supporters. >>> 17 people have been killed in an accident at a chinese coal mine. government officials say that they're investigating the cause. 11 of the 28 people in the mine shaft survived. few chinese mines adapt to regulations and accidents are common in the country. >>> in the michael jackson involuntary manslaughter trial, prosecutors focused on three of murray's girlfriends. the married doctor had
Oct 26, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in 24 countries. we use that also with the department of defense for guidance and advice and coordination. in this context as well if you have the state department helping to do diplomatic coordination or doing also assistance as far as money-wise to provide logistical support and, of course, the dod is providing the actual individuals to do some training and equipping, so those are issues that were kind of a model for this area, but also we're looking at other areas in parts of africa. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, madam chair, i yield back. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. ambassador, i read your report, and i'm a little confused in it. at one point on age 4, you refer this is nothing more than that what we already do with the afr africno thin we have place in africa, and i studied it, and unless i'm wrong, it's an educational thing we use to help african nations to develop a more professional military. we do building of schools and hospitals on the ground, but you add in the report the reason we had to go, the president had to go to congress is because the
Oct 26, 2011 2:00am EDT
deeply to us here in the united states because our country has no bigger more important economic relationship than we have with europe. while the direct exposure of the u.s. financial system to the most vulnerable countries in europe is limited, we have substantial trade and investment tries with europe and european stability matters greatly for american exporters and for american jobs. already the crisis has slowed growth significantly in europe and around the world as increased uncertainty and red e reduced risk appetite, undermine business and consumer confidence and reduced household wealth. there are downside risk to the outlook for the u.s. economy and job creation. it is vitally important to the united states that europe is able to address its issues effectively and in a timely fashion. for this reason the administration has closely engaged with european leaders to encourage them to move forward in an effective way. at the same time, our supervisors have for some time been working closely with the u.s. financial institutions to identify risks and to improve their ability
Oct 14, 2011 1:00pm PDT
of minutes with us here. have a wonderful weekend and that does it for more. "the situation room" starts now. >>> thanks very much. happening now, declining support after a series of major stumbles. will a critical speech help turn the tide for a republican presidential candidate rick perry? >>> also, the chilling final seconds of a doomed air france flight. transcripted reveal panic and disbelief in the cockpit. >>> plus, drones just like the ones used by the united states military should anyone be able to buy them? turns out they can. but what's going to prevent terrorists from buying and using them? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >>> he entered the race at the top of the polls, but rick perry has been watching his numbers slide and slide. his momentum rather slow. now, with a closely watched speech, the texas governor is trying to reverse his declining campaign fortunes. jim acosta is joining us now. he delivered what his campaign described as a major speech today. >> that's right. the speech was called the energizing american jobs
Oct 20, 2011 3:00pm EDT
time. for more, let's bring in two experts on the region. with us one of the world's most distinguished war correspond epts, janine digiovanni. joining us from paris and the "new york times" columnist nick christoff. good afternoon to both of you. nick, a 42-year dictatorship broad to a bloody end. were you surprised at how gadhafi met his fate? >> well, it looked for a while as he might indeed be in sirte and seen that it was going to fall at some point. so in that sense it seemed more a matter of time, but it certainly is -- nobody wants to see his grave or anybody's grave, but it's a relief to everybody who has watched everything unfold. >> you watched the visit to libya and you describe a country haunted by the ghosts of gadhafi's reign of terror. is the widespread celebration a mark of how he terrorized his people? >> reporter: martin, i think we have to remember for 40 years, people were deeply traumatized by gadhafi. they lived in a world of silence and fear and a world where they cooperate speak and had no vote. they were terrified of being taken away and tortured and killed and
Oct 15, 2011 7:00am EDT
2012 presidential race with lenny curry and delicate u.s. efforts to encourage foreign- based businesses to open in united states with nancy mclernon, president of the national law the organization for business investment. w j" is next. -- "washington journal" is next. host: good morning parade joe lieberman at connecticut and susan colin of maine say that congress should freeze the pay of federal employees for the third year, saying that it would save about $32 billion. also in the papers this morning, citing cost is a concern, the white house has dropped a vision of health care law that would provide a lifetime benefit in the event of illness or disability. it is known as the class act being dropped by the administration. and its role in the larger health-care law. we want your thoughts on this decision by the white house. if you want to give us a call, the numbers are on the screen. if you want to send us an e- mail, make your thoughts on -- thoughts known by that., and if you are familiar with twitter and can keep your comments to 140 characters are less,
Oct 21, 2011 6:00pm PDT
citizens are relishing their lives without a dictator in charge. the u.s. says it will pull the remainder of its nearly 40,000 soldiers out of iraq by the end of the year. washington had planned to keep thousands of troops stationed in iraq to train local forces, but negotiations with baghdad failed to result in a deal. >> u.s. soldiers are packing up their gear. at camp victory in baghdad, the headquarters of the u.s. troop presence. the soldiers' mission is coming to a close after barack obama and iraqi prime minister agree on a withdrawal of active-duty troops in the coming months. >> today, i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years of america's war in iraq, it will be over. >> of 39,000 u.s. troops are currently stationed in iraq. most are trainers and special forces teams. combat troops left the country a year ago. 4400 americans died in the conflict. >> tunisia takes a step towards democracy this weekend when it votes for constitutional council. a german foreign minister paid a visit to the tunisian e
Oct 7, 2011 6:00am PDT
a decade of war. >> translator: still no security in afghanistan. every day there is bomb blasts. >> the u.s. and its allies invaded afghanistan exactly ten years ago, friday, about a month after 9/11. the goal was to go after al qaeda and take down the taliban regime. president hamid karzai formed a new government, but the taliban is still a force in afghanistan. and its power seems to be growing. nhk world's hideki yui visited the eastern part of the country to find out why. >> reporter: this is the main road leading to the eastern region from the capital, kabul. we found wreckage of a u.s. military fuel truck, apparently attacked by the taliban. this huge hole was created when the roadside bomb exploded. >> translator: a u.s. military vehicle was blown up here. the u.s. forces came quickly to collect the wreckage. >> reporter: our nhk crew contacted taliban members based in the eastern province of kunar. they said their unit had 30 troops fighting u.s. troops. to avoid detection, taliban members move around in small groups in the mountainous region. they say they have the support of local
Oct 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
to answer what you made a pitch for the nominee former attorney general to be confirmed. 44 of us have sent a letter, you're very familiar with, to the president's biggest and i think you said to me to spend if i could finish. we haven't heard one word about that, asking for some modifications to this. it's not the nominee. i think the nominee as far as i know is probably well-qualified, very honorable, very smart man. but we are waiting for that dialogue, and i hope we hear from you. but short of that i think the nominee is not going anywhere. but i want an answer to that. go ahead. >> i understand your position and we received that message. you've been very clear about it and you have a pretty powerful show of strength. i would just encourage you to reconsider because i think that -- >> we hope you would reconsider, u.n. the president, changing three modest things in the dodd-frank bill. if you do i'm sure we'll have a good piece of legislation, at least a better peace. and we'll go from there. but short of that i don't believe that we are moving that nomination. >> i'm always optimistic.
Oct 6, 2011 12:00pm CDT
with oxi booster for brighter whites and vibrant colors. visit us at he grew up allowed of his silicon valley home into leading technology company now steve jobs' is dead at the age of 56 good afternoon i'm steve sanders >>off and the nancy loo we welcome our viewers watching us around america on wgn america and on the web sandra endo looks back on the life of a man who moved technology forward. >>today apple is going to reinvent the phone >>some liken steve jobs to modern-day thomas edison, despite his understated appearance he was legendary for his flair and for his showmanship >>ask yourselves what would happen if a math book and and i pad hooked up ... >>he was born in san francisco in 1955 and had 20 years old he started apple computer with a friend at his home in 10 years it grew into a $2 billion company with more than 4000 police and in 1984 apple introduced a machine that literally change lives forever the macintosh. >>people would bring them home over the weekend to work on something and sunday morning they could get their kids away from them and
FOX News
Oct 20, 2011 4:00pm PDT
bombed u.s. soldiers in a berlin disco. three people died. hundreds more were hurt. but his most infamous attack came in 1988 when he orchestrated the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, 270 people died, most of them american. this is susan cohen from jersey. her 20-year-old daughter died in the bombing of flight 103 and today she says she's buying an expensive bottle of champagne to deliberate his death. tonight there are few tears falling for gadhafi. instead, people cry for his victims. in libya, they cry tears of relief and possibility because without the specter now of a ruthless man lurking in the shadows, their lives and their destinies are now their own again. we have team fox coverage now. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us tonight. ed henry is at the white house this evening. shannon bream is in our washington news room and jonathan hunt is here in new york. let's begin in a cube with david pipe who are is streaming live from tripoli. david? >> hi. the traps transitional council is claiming gadhafi was killed in the crossfire during his arrest rather than being
Oct 4, 2011 4:30pm PDT
>> welcome to "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. >> the headlines this hour, a truck bomb killed scores of people in the somali capital. the nobel prize in physics for their research on the expanding cosmos. >> france and belgium will step in to save the bank after shares suffered a dramatic plunge. >> the somali islamist group has claimed responsibility for a deadly truck bomb attack. several people were killed and dozens wounded when suicide bomber drove a truck into the gate of the government compounds. many of the victims were students. it comes after the government announced it would drive the militants out of the capital. the bomb ripped through part of the education ministry and the surrounding shops. anyone close to the explosion did not stand a chance of survival. most victims were civilians. many students came to apply for scholarships. >> so many people have died and many more were injured. my thoughts go to the students that came to pick up their results. >> the militant group claimed responsibility. the first major attack since the rebels withdrew from the cap
Oct 21, 2011 9:00am EDT
? is the u.s. ready to follow through on that threat? >> two issues. what do we do about the economy? how do we address the cross border threat militarily affecting part of your questions? we began to use drones successfully against some haqqani leaders. appropriately if this report is accurate i have to say that it is not allowed to confirm things that are classified. but assuming reports are accurate it seems to me over do -- it can have a real effect. secondly we have under international law the right to respond to attacks by artillery. this is what the secretary of state said, fairly soon we will see a more direct response for effective response or strong response to those attacks across the border against us. her words yesterday are pretty clear that the international effort to squeeze the network--the haqqani network on both sides of the border, quote, will be more apparent in the days ahead. the fact we have a high level, quite extraordinary visit by our officials to pakistan yesterday is the indicator of a clear statement of hope to the pakistani that they will see that it is not acc
Oct 25, 2011 1:00am EDT
toward those of us who have anxiety that so many parties have been promised a referendum again and again? it clearly is something the british people want, to have a say over our future relationship with the european union. it is likely the house of commons is likely to vote heavily against what the europeans -- what the british people want. >> i will try to keep my tongue constructive throughout. i completely understand people's frustrations. they were promised a referendum on the lisbon treaty and did not get that referendum because it was put in place by the last government, and it was not possible to hold that referendum. but i think the answer to frustration about not having a referendum about the last thing is not to just offer a referendum on the next idea. the most important thing is to deliver what people want, which is to get the best out of the european union. where there are opportunities, we take them. that is the focus we should have. >> the prime minister rightfully said that the 27 nation states will decide anything on the single market. it has not told the house that the
Oct 2, 2011 9:00am EDT
us all have said we're all in the middle class, except for the very rich who are in some sort of divine class. obviously not aristocrats. i ask you where is the working class, where are the people who repair things with their hands, dig holes and not all illegal immigrants you know. some of them are honest to american. why have they been excluded from the political debate as though they do not exist? it's because politicians have wanted to persuade us all that we're doing rather better than we are and they have ratchetted us into this great lump of classlessness called the middle class. anyway, i shall be looking for the truth, i shall be out looking for the working class. now when we come back we're going to have an extraordinary discussion with two of the most gifted and talented men in washington about america and the world. where it's been, why it's changed its position in the world and peoples attitudes to us as our stature has changed, if not declined. be right back. you'll find it compelling, i assure you. >> many have spoken out on the need to transition to a clean ene
Oct 9, 2011 1:00pm PDT
with everything you need to know. head to right now. stay connected to us 24/7 on twitter. have a great weekend. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're letting you hear from the 2012 republican contenders. they're speaking, unedited, uninterrupted and at length. we'll start that in 60 seconds. but first, a look at some of the top stories of the day. a banking crisis is unfolding in europe. the leaders of france and germany today agreed to work out a plan to recapitalize several banks, hard hit by debt crisis in greece and other european countries. the announcement comes on the same day france, belgium, and luxembourg agreed to rescue dexia, a major franco belgian bank. a couple of hours ago, i spoke with cnn's senior international business correspondent, richard quest. he tells me that what is going on in europe is very similar to what happened in america back in 2008. >> you really don't want the investment bank to fail. why? because a big investment bank failing of this particular time would cause a ripple of crisis of confidence and that's what
Oct 19, 2011 4:00pm PDT
. the deaths have gotten more gruesome. veracruz used to those -- to boast that it was mexico's safest city. more than 100 people have been killed in the last month. 35 people have been left in the street in daylight. empty homes have been boarded up after they were used as headquarters. >> this is one of more than three locations were more than 30 bodies were found just a few days ago. it is part of a vicious battle that has been taking place, and the marines have now been deployed to the streets of the city which until recently was prepared please save region was perfectly safe. >> many of them are victims of tit-for-tat. speaking out is a rare and dangerous thing to do in mexico, but janet figueroa is prepared to take to clear her father's name. he was a mechanic caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. janet says the state fabricated evidence he was a criminal. and why is this used to be a safe city. i never imagined something like this -- >> this used to be a safe city. i never imagined something like this would happen. we have received threats, but i have to speak out that civilians a
Oct 19, 2011 11:00pm PDT
's logistics. ♪ ♪ saving time, cutting stress, when you use ups ♪ that's logistics. ♪ your core competency is...competency. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade. [ male announcer ] as you wish, business pro. as you wish. go national. go like a pro. now through january earn a free day with every two rentals. find out more at >>> the number tonight, 437,675. that is how many fewer greeks flew domestically this time last year. and people earn less money because of austerity, part of the big problem in greece. productivity in greece is low because many go on strike. some say it's a national sport, and striking even when times are good. people took to the streets to protest another round of cuts. the government is proposing to prevent default. those are wage cuts, pension cuts, tax increases and layoffs. the austerity measures could be necessary to secure additional aid from the imf and eu. it is necessary. le greek parliame
Oct 30, 2011 7:00am EDT
's debt problem problems. "washington journal" is next. host: a live view of the u.s. capitol in which the marine corps marathon is taking place here and the house and senate are in session. that is important because we have had this on again off again schedule the last couple of weeks. the deficit reduction committee with another public meeting actuals. the president in washington until thursday then goes to france for the g-20 summit. social security no longer paying for itself and adding to budget problems. "des moines register" a new poll giving the lead to herman cain and mitt romney. with caucuses taking place in january and "new york times" reporting troops will be repositioned to kuwait. we will begin on this sunday morning with your calls and comments on the issue of the presidential executive orders and the u.s. constitution, the speaker of the house weighing in this. the numbers are on the screen. host: we will also take your tweets and you can sends us an e-mail. we begin with this editorial tame for boehner and -- time for boehner and house republicans to bring obama to he
Oct 16, 2011 7:00pm PDT
with sausage in tomato alfredo. at olive garden. >> pelley: ten years ago tonight, u.s. special forces prepared to land in afghanistan to answer the attack on america. the taliban fell in just six weeks. and with that swift victory, america began a war that doesn't seem to end. in the last few months, u.s. casualties have reached some of their highest levels, while america's relationship with a critical ally, pakistan, has sunk to new lows. why are we still in afghanistan? what's the plan? no one knows the answers better than the two men that president obama has just charged with running the war. over the forbidding landscape of central afghanistan, the new american ambassador, ryan crocker, is returning, out of retirement, to a diplomatic career shaped by islamic terrorism. his partner, marine corps general john allen, is a warrior/scholar-- four stars, three masters degrees, a combat commander who was dean of students at the naval academy. the pair arrived three months ago, called in by the president, because they're the same team that helped end the insurgency in iraq. what's your plan to ge
Oct 26, 2011 12:00pm EDT
to us and telling us why we should be voting for him. i didn't like his smile especially i thought it was too sly. and just a very bad performance at all. >> host: and the smoking part? >> caller: again, it's just part of the overall amateurish appearance of the ad. >> host: what do you think of the attention, though, it's been getting? >> caller: well, i guess that's good. but i think giving a lot of people ammunition to re-enforce the negative aspects of his campaign >> host: lawton, oklahoma, sylvia, others that support others. go ahead. ruler on, ma'am. go ahead. >> caller: oh, okay. you're asking me about the ad of the smoking. i think it's -- it's crazy. it's not nice. he's smiling. i don't know how to explain it. it's just not at all to me and then also he said with the electricity with the illegals, this is not a president like that. you don't do stuff like that and that smoking, no, no, no. that thing he did over pizza, no. i'll tell you something, president obama is the president. he will never make it and he's not going to win. thank you, sir. >> host: there is a polling
Oct 25, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of online gambling. can you tell us what options are on the table right now? as i understand, there is a bill to legalize it in the united states? guest: there is a bill to legalize it for poker only come up but we passed recently a bill in congress to say no internet gambling on the internet. we did this by outlawing the use of credit card and money orders and money transfer, and that pretty much stopped it. now it has all gone overseas and done illegally. the people that are advocating internet gambling are saying because is going overseas, we're losing the tax revenue, and also, there is a lot of fraud. that fraud will occur anyway. secondly, i think the other side of the coin is we want to have internet gambling, which would be poker possibly, there will be all kinds of gambling on the internet. for people that are addicted to gambling, they have the computer in their study in bedroom in this addiction would increase, so the trade-off is -- host: you are saying it would be too easy? guest: and also, children could get into it. children have a problem with pornography abou
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Oct 21, 2011 8:00am PDT
. you guys have a great weekend too. see you on monday. jon: the weekend is upon us. happy friday to you. jenna: weekend almost here. jon: i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. we're glad you're spending a bit of your friday with us today. we're here in the fox newsroom. we have new news on the labor market the. jon: good news for at least part of the country. the unemployment rate fell in half of u.s. states last month but still not enough to pull down the nation's unemployment rate. that remains at 9.1%. that comes after the senate rejected a big piece of president obama's jobs bill. jenna: mike emanuel in washington with more on this. mike, any comment from the white house on the measures that failed in the senate last night? >> reporter: they are aggravated by one bill passing. the other one not much of a complaint. the other one upset, first-responders, $35 billion to put first-responders back to work and people back in the classrooms. the president issuing this response late last night, quote, for second time two weeks every single republican in the united states sena
Oct 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
a mexican online pharmacy like some of us do. it always ends badly. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >>> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life. and so i'm afraid -- i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i'll tell you what the facts are. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> are they allowed to use their hands? you're not allowed to use your hands. i would hate to be able to zoom in right now. and see what's going on inside rick perry's head. to be fair -- from what i understand, that is the clip that is always playing inside rick perry's head. >>> good morning, welcome to "morning joe," it's thursday, october 20th. with us onset this morning, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. >> and also the managing editor of "fortune" magazine. >> what? what do you mean how he is he looking at you? >> like he has something really rude to say. >> no, i don't. >> are you sure? >> andy, it's good to see you. >> occupying "morning joe." >> you are occupying "morning joe." i hear there were only 200 there yesterday at certain times. >> comes and goes, ebbs and flows. >> we may have mo
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